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Simnovus is a US-based company bringing software innovation to accelerate 5G validation. Simnovus software-based products enable 5G innovators worldwide to win the 5G race by enabling continuous testing and rapid validation. Test and validate 5G technology continuously and quickly using commercial off-the-shelf hardware. With specializing in providing software-based validation tools for 4G and 5G Radio Access Networks (RAN), Simnovus has unveiled the industry’s first truly 100% software-based O-RU Simulator that simulates multiple O-RUs and hundreds of UEs to validate O-DU and O-CU. The UE Simulator can simulate thousands of UEs performing realistic control and user plane traffic patterns to validate 5G and 4G base stations. 


Open RAN has the potential to revolutionize the way wireless networks are built and operated. However, the challenge is to perform interoperability of the O-RUs with the O-DU and verify the ability of the O-DUs and O-CUs to scale. Simnovus O-RU Sim, a 100% software-based simulator, addresses this issue by running on Dell R750 servers and Intel® XXV710-DA2 Ethernet adapters.


The software-based approach enables greater flexibility and scalability than hardware-based approaches, allowing simulations to be easily modified, adapted, and scaled to meet changing requirements and evolving needs. Available in a subscription licensing model based on the number of simulated UEs, the entry license of O-RU Sim includes 2 simulated O-RUs 4×4 MIMO and a single simulated UE, which can be upgraded to more simulated UEs.


The Simnovus simulators can be easily deployed on COTS hardware, allowing companies to set multiple test beds to run interoperability tests in parallel. The solution allows customers to simulate real-world network conditions, enabling them to test the performance and capabilities of O-RAN nodes before deployment.


The engineering and customer success teams work from our offices in Cary, North Carolina, and Bangalore, India. Join us and see the acceleration our products can bring to your 5G innovation.